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        Q & A.
Question: Thank you for replying to my emails in the past, you have been so direct and helpful and the experience has been really peaceful and happy with whatever is, until recently. It seems at times when someone or something comes into this play there is a reaction or resistance to what is based on a story of whatever is going on. At the same time there is always a feeling here of not wanting these feelings or reaction to happen, but it seems to just take over, (Eckhart Tolle's pain body description.)
I know it's a silly question, but it feels like it needs to be asked, I realize there is no (HOW TO) move past this conditioned response into the seeing of this without , or not attaching to the thoughts. There is also knowing I am not my thoughts and feelings, as this has been seen through.
The thing is I know these feelings will pass and be replaced by something else, in the meantime it seems to cause a fight or flight reaction. (The ego's conditioned response I guess) I know it sounds like there's two of us here, there is no other way to describe the experience. I would appreciate any light on this if you have the time.
Answer: There is a lot of theory in this question: Ideas about 'pain bodies', conditioned responses, resistance, not being 'my thoughts', fight or flight responses, and all this -as you say- based on a story of whatever is going on. But in a way all this is a story too. In a moment of mental silence, where is the conditioned response and all other stuff you mention? Is it not all part of the same story line?
The basis of the story line seems to be that you have to be accepting in order to get -or regain- the peaceful, accepting feeling which until recently was present.
Now here is the paradox; total acceptance is in fact fully present and it accepts the story as it arises including apparent resistance, fight or flight responses, apparent conditioning, or whatever else comes along. It appears in Awareness and therefore we could say that it is accepted in THIS Awareness you are.
In day to day living, a 'fight or flight response' is part of the normal functioning of the body mind organism. Only by labeling it, we may perceive it as undesirable, but all the animals 'know' better than to doubt this impulse. It is normal to avoid 'damaging' situations and the 'trick' is to welcome the unwelcome such as 'non-acceptance' and 'fight or flight impulse' too. Not necessarily as an attempt to feel better, but if that is the apparent motivation then let that be welcome too.
Acceptance and resistance arise mutually, like two sides of a single coin. When you touch a hot stove, withdrawing your hand is automatic. Now we can make different stories about this:
  1. Oh, I did not accept the heat.
  2. There was this awful 'flight response' again.
  3. It is the 'natural functioning' protecting this organism from further damage.
And I'm sure we could come up with plenty more stories?and sometimes it seems that's what 'we' do, or more accurately; That's what seems to be happening, because if there really was a 'you' in charge of doing this -and it would bother you- then you would simply stop. Perhaps all such stories are nothing but a 'voice over' in the movie of life, claiming an importance it doesn't really have. Sometimes the story seems fine, sometimes not, and how we perceive it may vary in accordance with our physical energy level. A few cups of coffee will most likely produce an other story than a few glasses of wine.
On the other hand there always is an 'Original Acceptance' or an ISness in which the duality of acceptance/resistance -including all stories about this- is fully accepted. It is the Single Source expressing as those apparent stories and opposites. They are the yin/yang of this manifestation in which acceptance and resistance, restlessness and peace, summit and base and all other 'dualistic pairs' are -or 'imply'- each other.
Really there is nothing wrong with the finger 'not accepting' the heat of the stove. Also there is nothing wrong with trying to avoid touching the stove in the future. And of course it is as it should be that touching the stove is remembered as 'unpleasant.' Seeing this is the recognition of the already present acceptance that knows 'non-acceptance' to be fine too, and 'it knows' that it is absolutely 'right' that burning one's fingers is not 'accepted' or experienced as pleasant. Of course, not seeing this is fully accepted too.
You say "There is also knowing I am not my thoughts and feelings, as this has been seen through." I would say that you are not exclusively those thoughts and feelings. There is only 'This Beingness' appearing to ItSelf as 'all there is' and 'all there is not', including the character and 'its' thoughts and feelings.
Feelings of peace, feelings of despair, may come and go. All the while You Are the Peace in which those feelings arise and subside; not limited to this feelings and thoughts, yet not apart from them either. Like the mirror and its content, not one, not two. Just THIS.

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Art by: Nancy J. Bailey Title: Fight or Flight
Found at:
Fair Use Notice

From what it looks like here at this moment, it all comes down to reference points which will come and go. Is there a higher, deeper, or bigger understanding? Sure, if you are viewing things from a reference point, there will always be something more or less than "where you are at". But without a point of reference (which requires both thought and that sense of "I" or "I"-dentification with a particular entity and/or state of affairs), what can be said? And as you noted, who needs to know? (nobody)
As to commenting on love, it seems that love can only be a complete acceptance of WHAT IS. Yet there is no "one" to accept or not accept. Beingness itself is this completely open spaciousness which allows absolutely everything to happen. It is only from a particular reference point that there can be a lack of love due to a resistance to WHAT IS. But when all reference points are dropped, there is only WHAT IS and WHAT IS is love (this is actually the case whether or not the reference points are dropped but not apparently so to the "one" who is apparently holding them).
Love is all there is. There is no need for you to arrive at this conviction - there is actually nothing you can do except perhaps to see that there is actually no one standing in the way of love. Beingness and Love are one and neither cannot not be.

        Awakened Poetry

Gift from an old storyteller?.
In the quiet years that have outgrown rhyme
I take me in a slow embrace
Kiss the child ready to dribble again
Bless my youth poised for a mad last fling.

You call me eccentric
Mutter as my steps force you to slow your own.
Some other time
Some other place I'd be honoured -
Even my growing down would be watched
In case a pearl of truth be found in the spittle
Running across my hairy chin.

I've read 'good books'
Listened to the man who understood cats 1
Seen it's only the quest that differs.
"In order to arrive where you are, to get from where you are not,
You must go by a way wherein there is no ecstasy"
Yet there, here,
Where I am - but cannot find -
Is the only place I can ever be
And I am at peace in not knowing.
This is the wisdom of my undoing.

Strange words? Complain that they're for the wise and intellectual!
Too difficult? No. You feel my meaning.
Yes, they are for you alone.

But for the sophisticated seeker searching for sense
Looking for rhyme and philosophy
When there is only nonsense
I'll try and put it more simply?

Take me in a slow embrace
Kiss the child
Bless the youth
See yourself reflected in the dribble on my face
In the terror of bewilderment?
is grace.
  1. T S Eliot
  2. The Four Quartets, 'Little Gidding' by the man who understood cats

~ Liz Ginko ~
Visit her at:
Art: Found at:
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The birds have vanished into the sky,
and now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains.

~ Li Po ~

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