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    Table of Contents.
    Q & A.
What follows is a conversation with David. Usually I select the shorter Q&A's for the news letter and I always change the name from those who write me, or I leave it out completely. But this one just 'wanted' to be included; name and all. So here it is:
Question: If this is IT as it IS and there is no-one (all that being seen here quite naturally yes)..if all that's in place and "understood" , emanating as life itself, "perfection" if you will, then why should I, as LIFE be interested in concentrating on the thought of "I am". Why would it be recommended by/through "you" ? if everything is concepts then let the concepts arise and BE surely..? why does LIFE have to bother looking for this "I am" when its the very thing that gives LIFE to the "I am" final resolution..??! Why have "you" and others.. Sailor Bob, John Greven etc, etc pointed at this? Do 'you' have no choice in the matter? aren't your very answers to my emails/your book etc as conditioned as everything else (through the mind)..being of IT.. expressed through words, conveyed via language.. even a concept of a pointer is conditioned!
Answer: Conditioned or free are both possible points of view. It is the same eternal dance of yin and yang; the plus and minus poles 'powering' this manifestation as perceived from -and generated by- the dualistic mind.
In answering this question, or in writing a book, it is not that I have no choice, but that there is no separate I to choose.
The sun does not need to give light, but being light is its very nature. In the same way Life does not need to bother with this 'I am' but it does so as it apparently delights in playing hide and seek with ItSelf.
Pointing out that everything is conceptual is one of the ways Life unfolds. The word 'book' represents something 'concrete' and the hand can grasp it. The 'I am' concept represents something intangible, and when the mind tries to grasp this 'I am', it finds itself unable to take hold of it. As you say; its the very thing that gives LIFE to the "I am." In and from 'this very thing' all thoughts, feelings, actions and forms arise; including the possible recognition that THIS is what I Am.
Question: There's nothing is there.. nothing left.. but everything naturally is fine.. why answer any questions? ..suppose there's nobody there for you either to control whether they're answered or not.. it just happens right..
Answer: Yes it just happens, not by or through me, but AS an apparent me. And to the question "why answer any questions?" comes the answer "Why not." It is what happens and any 'why' is just an additional storyline happening along.
Question: How can you prove that its not just the mind seeing the mind think? the subconscious or whatever.. as the psychologists would have it.. My mate Col just says "Well, yeah, I can see my mind thinking.. that's just another, deeper part of my mind doing the witnessing. its all just mind.
Answer: Beingness proves Beingness, not through an explanation but, by ItSelf and of ItSelf. The knowing proves the knowing, but it does not prove the known, which in this case is the 'mind object'. The burden of proof rests with the one who assumes the mind to be real.
As for this assumed mind seeing itself: Let's say that this would be possible -although it would be sort of like the eye being able to see itself- then what sees/knows that the mind sees the mind? What is it that knows that 'deeper part of the mind?'
Clearly, this seeing/knowing cannot be seen or known, as it is that what sees and knows all objects, whether they are 'solid' or mind/thought objects.
In Dzogchen and several other traditions the word 'mind' may be used for 'the Absolute' but as we use it here it represents the thinking process. Can one thought in this process know an other thought, or is there 'something'-which is not a thought- that knows the coming and going of all thoughts?
Question: This knowing that you refer to is only known by the mind, experienced by the mind. So what are you telling me "David?... you've been reading too many books!" ..that's what my mate Col says...Any response?
Answer: That what I refer to is not an experience but the inexperience-able experiencing. IT is not 'some-thing' known by the mind, but its presence is inferred via the mind. All that is known implies the presence of this unknowable knowing; just like all that is seen implies the presence of invisible sight. This Mystery/Presence expresses via the mind as the primal thought "I Am" and all other thoughts follow from that. Such thoughts do not know anything, but they are part of the known.
Your friend may not see what a miracle this consciousness is, but try and see if he or you can explain it. Not by saying that it is awareness or cognizing or something like that. That would just be replacing one word/concept by another one, pointing more or less to the same mystery.
Conceptual 'answers' may give the false impression that we know what it is -that we have explained it- but all our words appear in this Wordless Mystery and there is no neat formula that will settle this once and for all. In a way IT is so obvious (an 'open secret') that its mysterious and unfathomable nature can easily be overlooked. But really, what is it?
While words 'pretending' to be explanations drift by in -and as an expression of- this Vast-Intimate-Mystery, it may be clear that thoughts/concepts cannot grasp their own source and that intellectualizing is not going to get us to where (and what) we already are.

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Art by: Redon, Odilon (1840-1916) Title: 'Mystery'
Found at:
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    A Sharing of Timeless Being
The Sanskrit word ?Advaita? points to that which cannot be spoken of and exposes the fallacy of the idea that there is something separate from something else called oneness. The simplicity of this message is directly threatening to the apparent seeker. It is rejected by the guru mind which searches for states to lay claim to . . . stillness, silence, bliss or awareness arise within the hypnotic dream of separation and then drop away again like sand through the fingers.
But Being is the one and only constant that never comes and never goes away. Because it is nothing and everything it cannot be gained or lost, given or received, approached or avoided.
The seeing of these words, the hearing of sounds, sensations in the body, feelings, thoughts . . . the very stuff of boundless aliveness, is the essence of Being . . . indefinable, unknowable, beyond description and yet filling every part of existence.
This clear and simple message speaks of a revolutionary perception where all traditional ideas, and even contemporary teachings of becoming something better or different, collapse. Its illumination is in the energetic, vibrant aliveness that is implicit in the wonder and liberation of simply Being.
It requires no effort and demands no standards. Being timeless, there is no path and no debt to pay. When this is heard and confusion is no more, the contraction of struggling to 'get something' falls away, and the one constant boundless energy of being aliveness is celebrated as all there is.

    Awakened Poetry

The pot is a God.
The pot is a God.
The winnowing fan is a God.
The stone in the street is a God.
The comb is a God.
The bowstring is also a God.
The bushel is a God
and the spouted cup is a God.

Gods, gods,
there are so many
there's no place left
for a foot.
There is only one God.
He is our Lord
of the Meeting Rivers.

    Quote of the Moment!

It is not permanent, since it does not exist at all.
It is not nothingness, since it is vividly clear and awake.
It is not oneness, since many things are cognised and known.
It is not plurality, since the many things known are inseparable in one taste.

From: Flight of the Garuda. By:Shabkar Tsokdrug Rangdrol
Art found at:
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    Smile of the Moment!

Any Idea Who I Am?

Or how to treat a rude customer.

An award should go to the gate attendant at Luqa airport. A crowded Malta-London flight was cancelled. She was the lone attendant in charge of re-booking a long line of inconvenienced travellers. Suddenly an angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. He slapped his ticket down on the counter and said, "I HAVE to be on this flight and it HAS to be FIRST CLASS". The attendant replied, "I'm sorry sir. I'll be happy to try to help you, but I've got to help these people first, and I'm sure we'll be able to work something out." The passenger was unimpressed. He asked loudly, so that the passengers behind him could hear, "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?"
Without hesitating, the attendant smiled and grabbed her public address microphone: "May I have your attention please?" she began. With her voice being heard clearly throughout the terminal, she said, "We have a passenger here at Gate 14 WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHO HE IS. If anyone can help him find his identity, please come to Gate 14."
With the folks behind him in line laughing hysterically, the man glared at the attendant, gritted his teeth and said, "F... You!" Without flinching, she smiled and said, "I'm sorry, sir, but you'll have to get in line for that too."

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