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    *  ATTD News Letter Number 89   Sunday, September 17, 2006   *
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Question: One/all, how to go beyond the mind that is full of hate and anger? The mind is so controlling that before you know it anger and hate consume every moment. There is no self or mind so how to END this most unpleasant moment? All/one, please help the me who is not real.
Answer: Just as there is no need -nor the option- for objects appearing in space to go 'beyond' space, there's no need -nor the option- for the 'I-thought' (or any other thought) to go beyond the mind.
Space itself cannot go anywhere, yet it is everywhere. It has no location, yet all that has a location appears in it. That, what 'you' truly are, is already and forever 'beyond' thought in the same way that space is already and forever 'beyond' that what manifests in it.
Trying to think oneself beyond thought is like fighting fire with gasoline. For the 'I/thought-object' there is no way out of thought, as it is nothing but thought itself.
Something/no-thing, which is not a thought, knows the coming and going of all thoughts. This 'something' cannot be known, as it appears as the very knowing of all that arises. Even the 'you' that wants to go beyond thought, is part of the 'known'; it is but another thought.
The idea that the mind is controlling, is again thought. Like material objects, which do not control or affect space in any way, thought objects do not control THAT in -and to- which they appear and dissolve.
There is nothing that can or has to be done. Paradoxically, seeing this, is all there is to it. Perhaps the thought "Let it be." can be added to the repertoire?
Like clouds drifting by, unattached to the sky in which they appear, thoughts come and go by themselves.

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Art by: Caspar David Friedrich (1774 - 1840) Title: 'Drifting Clouds'
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    The Nature of Thinking
Our real nature is stillness beyond all complementarities. It is presence without becoming. In the absence of becoming there is completeness and absolute tranquillity. This tranquillity is the home ground of all activity. The activity of thinking, like all activity, is grounded in wholeness. Tranquillity is the continuum in which thinking appears and disappears. What appears and disappears is in movement. It is energy extended in space and time. Thinking, energy, represents itself in discontinuity but as it arises out of and dies in stillness, fundamentally it is nothing other than this presence beyond past, present and future.
What we generally call 'thinking' is a process of memory. It is a projection built on the already known. All that exists, all that is perceived, is represented to the mind. Sequential thinking, rational or scientific thinking, thus begins with a fraction, a representation. Such fractional thinking is born from the conditioned idea that we are independent entities, 'selves', 'persons'. The notion of being a somebody conditions all other thinking because the person can only exist in the repetition of representation, the confirmation of the already known.

Every thought is an explosion to be manifested and an implosion to be reabsorbed into silence. The desire to be revealed and to be concealed is the Cosmic Dance, motiveless play for the joy of playing. True desire is nothing but this. All other desire is only a warping of, and an unconscious longing for, this ultimate desire. The essence of thinking is this divine playing. Creative thinking never begins with the already known, a representation. It is born and dies in openness and merely uses functional memory for its expression. Where there is no thinker there is only a channel for the function of thinking.

From: Who Am I? By: Jean Klein
A new release from Non-Duality Press
Art by: Karen Smittle Title: 'Warm Stillness'
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    Awakened Poetry

Prior to heaven and earth
There is a reality
even prior to
heaven and earth

Indeed, it has no form,
much less a name.
Eyes fail to 'see' it

It has no voice
for 'ears' to detect ...

To call it 'Mind' - or 'Buddha'
violates its nature

For it then becomes like
a visionary flower
in the air

It is not 'Mind' -
nor 'Buddha'

Absolutely quiet -
and yet illuminating
in a mysterious way

It allows itself - to be 'perceived'
only by the 'clear-eyed'

~ Dai-o Kokushi ~ (1235-I308)

Art by: Patricia O'Connor Title: 'Moon and Crane'
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    Quote of the Moment!

Things are not what they seem;
Nor are they otherwise.

~ Lankavatara Sutra ~
Art by: Mati Klarwein Title: 'Illusion, Projection and Reality'
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    Smile of the Moment!

Cartoon by: Bruce Eric Kaplan
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