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    Table of Contents.
    Q & A.
Question: "What will happen to that part of the 'knowing' learned by Consciousness through Anthony when this body/mind dies?"
Answer: Consciousness does not learn 'through' Anthony, but there may be learning AS Anthony. THAT what appears AS this learning, AS consciousness, also appear AS Anthony: This Presence/Mystery is all there is. It is unborn and does not die..
Asking what will happen to the accumulated learning on the 'dissolution' of the form/character, is a bit like asking "What will happen to clay, in the shape of a ball, when it is remolded into a cube?"
All accumulation, all experiences and all learning appears in time. Time is part of the dream; part of the illusion. There is no 'beyond this moment'. All there ever is, is 'this moment.' This includes stories of how this moment came about. Stories about creation and evolution, as well as shared memories and apparent geological, archeological, and other evidence. But all this arises presently as the dream of existence.
The Timeless One is not some-thing the mind can take hold of; the mind operates in time. Perhaps it's better to say that the mind is the 'subtle knife' which apparently divides Presence into now and then, past and future, thus 'creating' the illusion of time.
Just like the taste of honey, this is not something to be understood, but to be 'tasted.' Trying to capture Being-Oneness with the mind (the instrument of division) is futile. Yet IT is clearly present as THAT what sees/knows the thoughts arising, in response to the reading of these concepts, without ever being caught by them.
This Clear-Presence, did not come into existence a long time ago. It is the Uncaused-Cause-of-All, not touched by the duality of existence and non-existence.
Within this manifestation, there is the appearance of time and space just like 'time and space' appear in dreams. There seems to be a coming and going of objects, such as bodies, 'things', thoughts and feelings, but ultimately nothing is ever added, and nothing is ever lost.
Although for the time being you may seem to be a 'being in time' you are not just this body mind, YOU are the Eternal Limitless One, 'dreaming' this whole story, apparently unfolding in space and time, including the temporal Anthony character.

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Art by: Mati Klarwein Title: 'Timeless'
Found at:
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    I Am
I am the beginning, the middle, and the end of the creation, O Arjuna. Among the knowledge I am knowledge of the supreme Self. I am logic of the logician.
I am the letter "A" among the alphabets, among the compound words I am the dual compound, I am the endless time, I am the sustainer of all, and have faces on all sides (or I am omniscient).
I am the all-devouring death, and also the origin of future beings. Among the feminine nouns I am fame, prosperity, speech, memory, intellect, resolve, and forgiveness.
I am the fraud of the gambler; I am the splendor of the splendid; I am victory (of the victorious); I am resolution (of the resolute); I am the goodness of the good.
I am the power of rulers, the statesmanship of the seekers of victory, I am silence among the secrets, and the Self-knowledge of the knowledgeable.
I am the origin or seed of all beings, O Arjuna. There is nothing, animate or inanimate, that can exist without Me.

    Awakened Poetry

Song of the Mind
The nature of the mind is non-arising,
What need is there of knowledge and views?
Originally there is not a single dharma;
Why discuss inspiration and training?
Coming and going without beginning;
Sought for, it is not seen.

No need to do anything;
It is bright, still, self-apparent.
The past is like empty space;
Know anything and the
Basic principle is lost,
Casting a clear light on the world,

Illuminating, yet obscured.
If one-mindedness is impeded,
All dharmas are misunderstood.
Coming and going thus,
Is there need for thorough investigation?
Arising without the mark of arising,

Arising and illumination are the same.
Desiring to purify the mind,
There is no mind for effort.
Spontaneous wisdom
Throughout time and space
Nothing is illuminated;

This is most profound.
Knowing dharmas is non-knowing;
Non-knowing is knowing the essential.
Using the mind to maintain quietude,
Birth and death forgotten;
This is original nature.

The highest principle cannot be explained;
It is neither free nor bound.
Lively and attuned to everything,
It is always right before you.
There is nothing in front of you;
Nothing, yet everything is as usual.

Do not belabor wisdom to examine it;
Substance itself is empty and obscure.
Thoughts arise and pass away,
The preceding no different from the succeeding.
If the succeeding thought does not arise,
The preceding thought cuts itself off.

In past, present, and future,
There is nothing;
No mind, no buddha.
Sentient beings are without mind;
Out of no-mind they manifest.
Distinguishing between profane and sacred,

Their vexations flourish.
Splitting hairs deviates from the eternal.
Seeking the real, you give up the true.
Discarding both is the cure,
Transparent, bright, pure.
No need for hard work or skill;

Keep to the actions of an infant.
Clearly knowing,
The net of views increases
Stillness without seeing,
Not moving in a dark room.
Wakeful without wandering,

The mind is tranquil yet bright.
All phenomena are real and eternal,
Profuse, yet of a single form.
Going, coming, sitting, standing,
Don't attach to anything.
Affirming no direction,

Can there be leaving or entering?
There is neither unifying nor dispersing,
Neither slow nor quick.
Brightness and tranquility are
Just as they are.
They cannot be explained in words.

Mind is without alienation;
No need to terminate lust.
Nature being empty, lust will
Depart by itself.
Allow the mind to float and sink.
Neither clear nor clouded,

Neither shallow nor deep.
Originally it was not ancient;
At present it is not modern.
Now it is non-abiding;
Now it is original mind.
Originally it did not exist;

"Origin" is the present moment.
Bodhi has always existed;
No need to preserve it.
Vexation has never existed,
No need to eliminate it.
Natural wisdom is self-illuminating;

All dharmas return to thusness.
There is no returning, no receiving;
Stop contemplating, forget keeping.

~ Niutou Farong ~ (594-657)
Song of Mind: Wisdom from the Zen Classic Xin Ming
Translated by: Master Sheng Yen
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    Quote of the Moment!

The mind is not just 'oneness' or a singular entity because it manifests in manifold ways.
It is not a plurality or many things, either, because these numerous manifestations all have one essence.
No one can describe its nature saying, "It is exactly like this!"
It is indescribable, unutterable, inconceivable, nonarising, unceasing,
and nondwelling, like the essence of space.

~ Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche ~ Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen
From "365 Buddha: Daily Meditations" edited by Jeff Schmidt.
Found in the NDhighlights newsletter.
Art by: Heiko and Selina Niedermeyer
Title: 'One Essence'
Found at:
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    Smile of the Moment!

By: Glen Baxter
Found at:
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