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    *  ATTD News Letter number 64    *     Sunday, October 02, 2005  *

    Table of contents.

    Q & A.
Question: I first stepped 'on the path' when I was at my father in laws bedside as he died. It was my first and closest experience with death and brought my own mortality into sharp focus. I then became deeply involved with Buddhism. Your excellent book I feel as helped me to understand that I don't need a formal religion and I am now more of a 'lone ranger'!
If I am totally honest, a lot of what has driven me to find out about the 'truth' is an underlying fear of my own death. I don't think it is so much a fear of 'hell' - I do not believe that is anything to be concerned about. It is more a fear of annihilation - nothingness. I guess this is because I enjoy life so much.
Answer: Yes, death is a great motivator for most seekers. It is an invitation into the mystery you are. Let?s have a look together. What is it that dies? Obviously it is not life itself as it keeps ceaselessly manifesting and morphing in countless variations. What is it that ?dies? when the drop of individuality reunites with the ocean of being? It is not the beingness that dies, but it is the sense of separation that dissolves. At this point the ocean is as much the drop as the drop is the ocean as no distinction can be made. Similarly when a clay pot breaks, the space within and without seamlessly merge.
What needs to be looked into here is this ?I? that enjoys life and is afraid of dying. It clearly is mixed up with the idea of being a separate person inside -or with- a mortal body. To take the death of the body as one?s own death is a case of mistaken identity. You are not exclusively the body, but THAT what animates and appears AS the body. This Animating Energy is unborn and immortal. The body is a temporal pattern in the river of life where the five elements (space is the fifth element here) come together for a while. It is the Infinite expressing as the finite. It is the Eternal dancing as the temporal and by its very nature the temporal comes and goes. It is this rhythm of yin and yang, of coming and going, of birth and dying, that makes this manifestation ?tick.? Without this dance of ?on and off? there would be no suffering, nor would there be the enjoyment you mention. Apparently this enjoyment has been fixated on to the exclusion of the bigger picture. It is like being absorbed in a movie where the screen has been totally forgotten in favor of the temporal appearances on it.
Question: In your book you made a very good analogy about consciousness being a ball of clay and when a person is born a string of the clay is pulled out, and when they die the string simply returns to the ball from which has never been detached. You explain that this is why sometimes people can experience a 'past life' - if they were never disconnected they can always experience a memory that one of the billions of strings of the 'ball' experienced in a previous 'life'.
Answer: This is of course a metaphor. A ball of clay still has an inside and an outside, while the Unborn has no dimensions. We may also call IT infinite or formless. As the mind cannot picture this, the ?One Substance? metaphor (whether pictured as clay or go(l)d) could be helpful. When the idea behind this is ?grokked? or intuitively understood, the concept can be dropped; just like the concept ?water? served its purpose when we found the stream where we can quench our thirst. The One Substance points to the Unborn. There is no death for the Unborn, just like light does not know darkness.
Question: Having said that, it does nothing to allay my fear of dying - if anything it makes it more profound! I may have a nice life now, but who is to say that when I die, even if my consciousness 'survives' that I may not experience a 'past life' that was subject to abject cruelty, torture or whatever?
Answer: The fear of dying is not necessarily the same as the fear of death. The fear of dying is part of the natural functioning of the organism; even a fly will try to avoid the fly swatter. The fear of death, on the other hand, is abstract mind stuff. It is based on imagination and projection and the erroneous belief that you are the body. The bad news here is that all that is born will die. The good news is that you are the Unborn; prior to ?and beyond- the cycle of birth and death. The ?I? that ?may have a nice life now? or the ?I? that fears its own demise, is the real problem, and needs to be investigated.
As it turns out this ?I? will die or, more correctly, the illusion of exclusively being this ?I? will die. There is no need to wait untill the body gives out, as this sense of separation can die ? or it can be seen through- right now. This ?I? is an insubstantial ?object? that appears on and to the Screen-of-Awareness-You-Are. You are forever that unmovable ?screen behind the scene? regardless of the forms and activities that appear on it. You are not just this body/mind organism. On investigation it can be seen by no one, that there is no ?you? having a life; it is life ?having a you?- or life appearing AS you.
You are the Unborn, Undying Self, seemingly absorbed in the movie of being a separate person, or as Alan Watts used to say; the illusion of being an ?independent I? inside a bag of skin. In this ?movie/life? there is seeing, but no seer, there are thoughts appearing and disappearing, but there is no thinker. Death is a teacher that invites you to see this; to see that there is death but no one who?s dying.
Don?t avert your eyes; make the fear of death welcome. Really feel it; really look at it and see what message it brings. It may turn out to be a gift/present of eternal Presence that begs to be unwrapped right now.

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Painting by: Reginald W. Machell (1854-1927) Title: The Path.
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    The Obvious
The play of life is not a separate creation watched and presided over by You. You ? Consciousness ? appear presently as the play, already wide awake, unable therefore to awaken. You are always obvious to Yourself; never hidden.
The characters in the play have no separate existence, only an apparent one. The characters are You celebrating Yourself, immersed in the great play of life, playing the game of looking for Yourself, sometimes recognising Yourself within and as the appearance of Your play.
This communication about clarity has no particular relevance or significance over any other part of the play. It carries no merit and has no point. There is no purpose for You to find Yourself.
With clarity, all of this is made obvious ? Your present appearance as the play in all its myriad forms, the recognition of the non-necessity of everything.
Right now You are Consciousness, appearing as a character in Your play. Maybe You think You need confirmation. Forget it. Relax. You already are That.
With much love to You from Yourself.

From: 'Clarity'. By Nathan Gill
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    Awakened Poetry

From the Avadhut Gita
The mind is formless like the sky,
Yet it wears a million faces.
It appears as images from the past, or as worldly forms;
But it is not the supreme Self.

I'm One; I'm all of this!
Yet I'm undifferentiated, beyond all forms.
How, then, do I regard the Self?
As both the Unmanifest and the manifest world.

You, also, are the One! Why don't you understand?
You're the unchanging Self, the same within everyone.
You're truly illimitable; you're the all-pervading light.
For you, how can there be any distinction between the day and the night?

Understand that the Self is continuous Being,
The One within all, without any division.
The 'I' is both the subject and the supreme object of meditation;
How can you see two in That which is One?

Neither birth nor death pertain to you;
You have never been a body.
It is well known that "All is Brahman":
The scriptures have stated this in various ways.

You are That which is both inside and out;
You're Shiva; you're everything everywhere.
Why, then, are you so deluded?
Why do you run about like a frightened ghost?

There's no such thing as union or separation for me or for you.
There is no me, no you, no manifold world;
All is the Self, and the Self alone.

~ Dattatreya ~
From: Dattatreya's Song of the Avadhut. ISBN: 0914557157

Image of Shiva found at:

    Quote of the moment!

"It is illimitable because no one is before it to give it limits;
undifferentiated, because no one is before it to differentiate it;
immeasurable, because no one has measured it as though existing before;
invisible, because no one has seen it."

~Jesus Christ~
From: The Secret Book of John
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