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    Q & A.
Question: Here there seems to be an intellectual rather than a 'gut' understanding of the essentials that 'I am awareness' and the ramifications of that concept and of everything being Consciousness and its content. If it is a 'gut' understanding the 'answers to all questions' would arise spontaneously, as they appear to do for such 'reminders' as Leo, Nathan et al., because Consciousness acting as 'them' speaks from Oneness, and not from Consciousness pretending to forget!
However in relation to the fact that all the 'people' reminding us of that fact say that everything (that we perceive) arises in awareness. I have apparently allowed that, but 'no one' to my knowledge has said from where all those appearances arise? I have a feeling that the answer would be "from Consciousness" or "That is the Mystery", and that the mind's curiosity is always digging up questions wanting to 'know' things that maybe cannot be 'known'. The mind's curiosity is also Consciousness asking Itself, because there is nothing else.
Any comments?
Answer: Since understanding cannot be an object to itself, just like sight cannot be its own object, I prefer to point out that there simply is understanding. No need to dualistically divide it in an intellectual and a gut understanding. There is in fact no separate entity doing the understanding; there is only the One expressing as understanding.
In response to your question "From where all those appearances arise?" the following comes up. Let's say that I answer "It all comes from Source." then the question will just move upstream and ask where Source comes from. If we would then say something like "From the Void." we could again repeat the question. To me such an endless regression is an alarm bell, and it tells me that there is probably something wrong with the question.
Imbedded in this question is the assumption of cause and effect. Cause and effect are practical tools for reasoning, but they only apply on the relative level; they cannot be applied to the Ultimate Subject. This is Ultimate Subject is another name for the Uncaused Cause; it is Self Originating and has been called "the Unborn" by Zen master Bankei.
Clearly, the Uncaused cannot be explained in terms of cause and effect. Since the mind's activity depends on polarity it can never conceive of that which is prior and beyond cause and effect. When this is clear, it is also clear that we will not get 'THE ANSWER' in a format that the mind can grasp. When reasoning recognizes its own restrictions, the need for a conceptual explanation drops away, and the questioning just dissipates.
We can call this falling away of the seeking, understanding or surrender. From this non linear perspective, the Universe is no longer seen as caused by anything, but it is 'known' as the Uncaused-Presence-That-Is.

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    Looking for God - Seeing the Whole in One
A question: so how can we ever really talk about the nothingness of the non-dual Void when we're being limited by the something-ness of dualistic words? Perhaps, as many spiritual teachers have already pointed out, we're doomed to fail at the very moment that we set out to try to define the indefinable.
In fact, there's a lot of recent agreement that the best that we can ever hope for, in a sense, is to just keep pointing at the Truth (i.e. that every-thing is, quintessentially, only One) and then to simply encourage others to check out the validity of this paradoxical statement for themselves.
When you momentarily collapse some of the apparent polarities of the world, (e.g. those of "right/wrong" and "good/bad"), you might be able to briefly expose those extremes as being not only arbitrary but really quite illusory.
How? Well, such a powerful recognition might be triggered through the sudden realization that all opposites?without any exception whatsoever?are apparently arising spontaneously from the very same Source?the Void.
However, since "Oneness" has no real polar opposite, (i.e. "two-ness"), then all bets are off. Why? Well, if everything is truly only One, then the Void has no one, seemingly, to "dance" with.
Unless, of course, it can find a "partner."
And maybe that's exactly what it does.
When Consciousness, in a sense, pretends to become "self-conscious," then it appears to assume only a singular?and apparently personified?point-of-view. In taking on the role as a now identified "Observer," Consciousness spontaneously creates a manifested world that it then begins to experience as some kind of disowned "other"?that is, as "the Observed."
What arises in that instant is the wonderfully wacky world of duality. It's still only "One," of course, but now "It" is pretending to be "two."
Just why "The Void" does any of this is, well ?inscrutable.

From Chuck Hillig's new book "Looking for God - Seeing the Whole in One"
Available from: Black Dot Publications

    Awakened Poetry

A basket of fresh bread
There is a basket of fresh bread on your head,
and yet you go door to door asking for crusts.
Knock on your inner door. No other.
Sloshing knee-deep in fresh riverwater,
yet you keep wanting a drink
from other people?s waterbags.
Water is everywhere around you,
but you see only barriers
that keep you from water.
The horse is beneath the rider?s thighs,
and still he asks, ?Where?s my horse??
Right there, under you!
?Yes, this is a horse, but where?s the horse??
Can?t you see!
?Yes, I can see, but whoever saw such a horse??
Mad with thirst,
he can?t drink from the stream
running so close by his face.
He?s like a pearl on the deep bottom,
wondering, inside his shell,
Where?s the ocean?
His mental questionings
form the barrier.
His physical eyesight
bandages his knowing.
plugs his ears.
Stay bewildered in God,
and only that.

Jelaluddin Rumi
Painting by: Salvador Dali Title: The Basket of Bread (1926)
Reproduction available at:

    Quote of the moment!

The original state prior to the arising of consciousness, cannot be described, one can only be THAT.
I keep on repeating that whatever one listens to ultimately means nothing-- because what ever I am, that is exactly what you are.

Nisargadatta Maharaj
Painting by: Paul Heussenstamm Title: Clear Seeing.
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    Smile of the moment!

A Solution For Everything
A psychiatrist is interviewing a patient, who beliefs he has a solution for everything.
At some point the psychiatrist says to the man "Imagine there is a hungry tiger with you in this room. The door is locked and you can't get out. What would you do?"
The man answers; "I would blast him to kingdom come with a Kalashnikov automatic rifle."
"Aha," says the psychiatrist triumphantly, "I told you that the door was locked, so where would you get that rifle from?"
Without hesitation the man answers;
"Same place you got the tiger."

Detail from a Painting by: Meng Xiangshun Title: Tiger.
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