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    *  ATTD News Letter number 49    *     Sunday, January 30, 2005  *

    Table of contents.

    Q & A.
Question: I thank you for your wonderful news letter. The question in the last news letter could have been written by me. It is very much where I'm up to. I have been feeling a great sadness and haven't been able to explain why.
I have just come back from India and now feel at a loss as to what to do next. I know very well that I don't DO anything but after years of being a seeker of truth I now have the intellectual understanding of what is. I also know a life is being lived through this body and that there is no individual me to do anything but instead of the peace and oneness, this body is feeling isolated from the rest of humanity. How do you live a normal everyday life with the knowing that life just happens.
My family do not understand and try to find reasons for the way I feel. How do you explain to people that are not interested in advaita. Your answer helped me a little and I have already tried the walking in the fresh air bit but its not helping much. This will pass I know or not as the case will be. I've had the advice talk to like minded friends but they are a bit thin on the ground. I hope you don't mind me sending this to you, but then it's only what I'm meant to do. I feel like a dog chasing its tail. I know and yet I know there is no me to know.
Answer: First I would advice you to make sure that there is no mental or physical reason for the way you feel. Perhaps you ascribe it to the seeking while it also could be a chemical imbalance in the system. Who knows what your travels have done to the body.
Now that this is out of the way, the following comes up. The problem from the non dual perspective seems to be that there still is the conviction that there is a separate person. I say that because you write: "I know very well that I don't DO anything" and "I now have the intellectual understanding of what is."
Could it be seen that it is not so much that 'you' are not the doer, but that there is no independent 'you' to BE the doer? Also when the idea is let go that there is an 'I' that HAS the intellectual understanding, then understanding remains. Have a good look at this. Where is the possessor of this intellectual understanding? And what would be the difference between intellectual and true understanding? Perhaps it is imagined that true understanding would generate some happiness for the suffering character, but could 'true understanding' not be the realization that this character does not have an independent existence? Could it not be that the belief in such a character IS the suffering?
You say that "a life is being lived through this body" I am not so fond of this 'living through' concept and prefer to say that Life appears AS the body mind.; just like clay does not appears through the shapes it assumes, but AS those shapes. It is easier to see that the clay and the form are one and the same clay when the word 'AS' is used. In the same way it is easier to see that Life IS the shapes and forms it assumes when we say "Life lives AS all its forms."
You say "I know and yet I know there is no me to know." There is no 'I' to know anything, there is just knowing. There is no 'it' that rains and no 'it' that is cold. There is no 'I' that lives and no 'I' that knows; if anything, the I is a known object in the Awareness You Are.
Awareness sees the thoughts appear as bubbles in a glass of sparkling water, all by themselves without a thinker pushing the bubbles into existence. Awareness is presently aware of the reading of these words. Turn around, away from the words, to THAT what is aware of the reading of these words. Do not expect to bring it into focus as it IS the very focusing ItSelf. THAT is the simple and open secret. Always present AS what you already and forever ARE.

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    Knowledge and Ignorance
By looking in a mirror, one perceives his own identity;
But that identity was already there.

In the same way, relative knowledge gives the understanding
Of the identity of the world and the Self --
But it is like using a knife
To cut another knife.

Fire, in the process of annihilating camphor,
Annihilates itself as well;
This is exactly what happens to knowledge
In the process of destroying ignorance.

The cresting of a wave is but its fall;
The flash of a bolt of lightning
Is but its fading.

Likewise, knowledge,
Drinking up the water of ignorance,
Grows so large
That it completely annihilates itself.

This absolute Knowledge is like
The intrinsic fullness of the moon,
Which is unaffected
By its apparent waxing and waning.

Likewise, that which is Consciousness Itself
Does not possess the quality of being conscious,
And is, therefore, not conscious of Itself.

If absolute Knowledge required the aid
Of some other kind of knowledge to know Itself,
It would be nothing but ignorance.

Of course, light is not darkness;
But, to itself, is it even light?

If there is a pot, a pot is perceived,
And if the pot is broken, its brokenness is perceived;
If there is no pot at all,
Is not its absence perceived as well?

It can be seen, therefore,
That he who perceives that there is nothing
Does not himself become nothing.
The Self has this same unique kind of existence,
Beyond both existence and non-existence.

The ultimate Reality
Is neither an object to Itself
Nor is It an object to anyone else.
Should it then be regarded as non-existent?

In a tank the water may be so clear
That it appears non-existent;
Though one who looks into the tank may not see it,
Still it is there.

The ultimate Reality exists in Itself,
And is beyond the conceptions
Of existence or non-existence.

When a jar is placed on the ground,
We have the ground with a jar;
When the jar is taken away,
We have the ground without a jar;

But when neither of these conditions exists,
The ground exists in its unqualified state.
It is in this same way
That the ultimate Reality exists.

From Amritanubhava by Jnanadeva (1275 - 1296)
Published by Lotus Press (June 1, 1999) # ISBN: 0910261024

    Awakened Poetry

Any season
In spring, hundreds of flowers;
in autumn, a harvest moon;
In summer, a refreshing breeze;
In winter, snow will accompany you.
If useless things do not hang in the mind,
How enjoyable every season is.

Zen master Mu-mon (1183-1260)
'The Four Seasons'
by: Paul Cezanne 1839-1906.

    Quote of the moment!

The Hindu model of the universe is a drama. The world is not made, it is acted. And behind every face -human, animal, plant, or mineral- there is the face, or non-face, of the central self, the atman, which is Brahman, the final reality that cannot be defined.

Alan Watts in his book The Way of Liberation

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