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    *  ATTD News Letter number 42    *     Sunday, October 24, 2004  *

    Table of contents.

    Q & A.
Question: I totally accept this idea that" I am not the doer " I see that "All is Consciousness " I accept that good/evil are part of the interaction of the polarity of opposites and appear in phenomenality.
Recently I found myself at my Dr's telling him about a physical problem and I asked him for a certain chemical solution, a thing I always hesitated to take. He agreed and said ' You are such an active person you want things to be ok right now. This will boost you up." And it did and I feel great now. I know that Ramesh and you et al say that even though one accepts who one is the body mind still continues to behave badly at times.
Can you help me to see what was taking place here. I had no control over what was taking place and I could see it while it was happening . I do not like this situation. I project all these great ideas to others and I am a poor role model. Not at all a pleasant situation to even explain away to myself. It was too overpowering.
Answer: It is not so much that you are not the doer as that there is no independent you to either be the doer or the non doer. You see, when we say "I am not the doer." often one idea of what one is, is traded for another idea. Like; "First I thought I was the doer, now I think I am not the doer." In both cases the belief in being a separate person may still remain.
There is no 'independent you' that accepts, that sees or knows. There IS acceptance, seeing and knowing, but it is not done by you. The person, the ego, is not in control, it is an object in the Awareness-You-Are. This clumsy use of language may suggest that there is a 'you' that is being this Awareness, so here is a rephrase: There is only This -Being-Awareness, in which everything appears including the body/mind, including possible thoughts of volition, of doing it right or wrong, and including thoughts of a body/mind that does not behave as it should.
It is the normal natural functioning for the body mind to want to turn away from discomfort and towards comfort. Even the wish to be more accepting and to be a good role model are all coming from this.
There is a line in a Grateful Dead song that says: "Sometimes the light is all shining on me, other times I can barely see." Now this seems to be the human condition, but prior to that idea, there is this unknowable knowing, that knows. It sees both, the shining of the light and the 'I who barely sees.'
Again, it is 'nature's way' to not like discomfort and to try to move to comfort, but there is no 'you' in there doing it right or wrong. No you that is projecting the great ideas and no you to be a poor role model. What is clearly shown by the body/mind not acting as one wishes, is that there is no 'you' in charge here. If there was, would this you ever choose to think unhappy thoughts, would it ever choose to feel miserable?
In and through all this comes the invitation to relax. If nothing can be done (if there is no 'you' to do) it can be seen that nevertheless everything gets done. The body is ill, it seeks out a doctor, the mind is sad, it will spin it self dizzy to feel better, and then it just might see it is helpless. In seeing that, a letting go may follow, but again.... This is not a prescription that 'you' have to follow.
Take a deep breath, relax, no one in charge, no one doing it right or wrong.... and here IT is....The present of all inclusive Presence.

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Painting by: Wiliam Blake. Title: 'Good and Evil'
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    Basic Questions
Q: Nathan, for the uninitiated, could you give a sort of overview of such basic questions as ?Who am I?? ?What is awareness?? ?What is the nature of this construct??
A: Concepts are used to point to this which simply is. There is only Consciousness or oneness, which may be described as having two aspects ? awareness and the content of awareness. All the images that appear as the present content are being registered in awareness. These images include visual images, thoughts, sensations, emotions, etc. And amongst the thought images, there is a primal thought image which is the ?I? thought. This ?I? thought appears to arise simultaneously with the body image.
When there is overlooking of the awareness aspect of our true nature and exclusive identification with content, this ?I? is assumed ? ?I am this character?, and all other thoughts that appear become ?my? thoughts, ?my? life, ?my? story. This play as the identified character seemingly blossoms in this mesmerisation.
Maybe, as part of this play, there is recognition or acknowledgement of the awareness aspect, the registering aspect of our true nature. The mesmerising is seen through, and this ?I? and all other thoughts are seen to be appearing as part of the scenery. They have no particular significance over any other image.
When there is identification as ?I?, there is a sense of separation and, simultaneously, the intuiting or innate knowing of our true nature as oneness. This disparity appears as tension or agitation, manifesting as the search to be free of ?I?, to escape from ?I?. But there is no escape. ?I? is simply an image, and either the hearing of a message such as this or maybe the appearance in the play of some form of enquiry, some examining of the ?I?, may appear to lead to seeing it for what it is.
But there is only already oneness, only already awakeness, whether there is mesmerisation as the ?I? or whether there is the seeing of it as merely another image.

From Nathan Gill's new book: 'Already Awake - Dialogues with Nathan Gill'
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    Awakened Poetry

All that you are attached to
All that you are attached to, all that you Love,
all that you know, someday will be gone.
Knowing this, and that the world is your mind
which you create, play in, and suffer from,
is known as discrimination.
Discriminate between the Real and the unreal.
The known is unreal and will come and go
so stay with the Unknown, the Unchanging, the Truth.

From: "This: Poetry and Prose of Dancing Emptiness"
By; H.W.L. Poonja (PAPAJI)1910 ? 1997

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    Quote of the moment!

Everywhere, always, and in everything,
Know this: the Self alone exists.
Everything, both the Void and the manifested world,
Is nothing but my Self; of this I am certain.

From: Dattatreya?s Song of the Avadhut : An English Translation of the Avadhut Gita
Publisher: Atma Books; (March 1, 2000) ISBN: 0914557157

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