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    *  ATTD News Letter number 34    *     Sunday, June 27, 2004  *

    Table of contents.

    Q & A.
Question: My question has to do with the "Acceptance of What Is," as a pointer to our true nature. This total unconditional Acceptance implies no judgment/no categorizing/not labeling a situation as good or bad/not controlling/not trying to change it. I perceive this Acceptance as a total surrender to the way things are. When one tries to change "What Is" there is no Acceptance, since by trying to change an attitude, circumstance or situation one is already labeling it wrong, incorrect, bad, harmful or evil (the continuous struggle in our minds between "What Is" and "what should be.")
My dilemma is that it seems there is a thin line between this Total Acceptance and resignation/conformism/apathy/quitting/giving up/and self-defeat. For example, I am a smoker; I have tried to stop to quit a few times to not avail. Should I just accept myself as a chain smoker and stop trying to quit? I have a tendency to procrastinate: Should I accept that I am a chronic procrastinator and not try to change myself into a person who does things in a timely manner. Of course these examples can be enlarged to include perceived wrongness with relatives/friends/communities and the world at large.
To accept means to admit, to consent, to acquiesce, to agree. How do I consent, agree or acquiesce to what I perceived is wrong in my life and in the life of others? Should I just smile and think it is the Dance of Shiva, Lila, a Dream or the Game of God (only a mirage)?
Answer: True-Acceptance-of-What-Is, is not something to be done by someone. When this concept is really looked into, it is found that there is no one to 'do' the accepting; yet it can be said that Total Acceptance is already fully present. Total Acceptance is another way of pointing to the context wherein everything appears; the Unchanging, or the True Source. IT rejects nothing, not even rejection. If IT would not allow/accept resistance, disagreement, or the attempt to change, IT would not qualify as TOTAL Acceptance.
The root of the confusion here is the assumption that there is an 'I' with 'my' life and that there are 'others' with 'their' lifes, while it is no-thing but IT expressing AS life/apparent diversity. In this expression, there may be a hand touching a hot stove. The pulling away of this hand, when seen from the 'I' perspective, would then imply that 'I' do not accept the way it is, because 'I' remove 'my' hand from the cause of the discomfort. Seen from Source, the removal of the hand is what is happening, and it is fully accepted. This is the natural functioning within the expression of IT.
When tired, sleep. When hungry, eat. When changes have to be made, see if they can be made. Just check and perhaps see that it is not done by a separate 'me.' Then it might also be seen that even this 'seeing' is not done by this apparent 'me.' The me-ing, the seeing; it is all the expression of 'Being.'

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Painting by Juroz Title: 'Awaiting The Acceptance'
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    It is all
The tangible 'universe' is the total of the objects of perception, and they are all perceived within this Awareness. One of these objects is this body called 'me' and 'mine'. Just who is this 'me'? This body is no more than any other object of perception within Infinite Awareness, yet the claim is that this particular body called 'me' contains Awareness within it. Is this not what mankind believes? "I am aware," he says. "I have a mind of my own that is aware. This is my awareness and I want it to show me abundant dollars, happiness, or something else."
This 'me' who contains awareness is an impossible impostor and a liar from the beginning. It is no more possible to imprison the Divine Awareness of Infinite Being and confine it within an object of its perception than it is possible to confine the alphabet to the letter A or jam the infinity of arithmetic into one number.
All there is to 'mankind', to the old man, the ego, who needs to be put off, is the belief that this Awareness here and now reading these words is confined within a body--that it is beholden to a body--that it is the servant of a body-- that it is the function of a body's brain or a personal mind.
Are you not aware of being right now? Of course you are. You are aware of these words. Is not this very Awareness all inclusive to you? Have you ever been outside it? Have your ever seen a sight that did not come to you as this very Awareness? Certainly not. Does not this Awareness include the mountains, the oceans, the microcosm and the macrocosm, the Pleiades and all the galaxies?
This Awareness really is alone and all to you, is it not?
Honesty, total honesty, will not allow you to answer otherwise. The Awareness that reads this book is infinite. It is alone. It is all. It is the Divine Awareness of Existence. It is God's knowledge of Himself. It is God's knowledge of being God. It does not belong to 'another', It is not contained nor possessed by 'another.' It is not beholden to 'another' called Bill or Mary or John.
This Awareness, this very Awareness, that is aware right here, right now, is God's Awareness of being all that God is......

From the book: 'Two Plus Two Equals Reality By:William Sameul '
Painting by David Friedman: Infinite Eight.
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    Awakened Poetry

To accept things as they actually are
When we are softened and opened enough to
accept things as they actually are, to
accept that we are, yet
can never know
what that is,
the old conflict knotting
the heart, the wanting of something
to be other than
what it is,

There is great mercy here.

We can allow the anxious animals to
move closer and huddle next to us --
all searching creatures of the daylight,
yearning for the welcoming embrace of
a tenderly falling night.

Vastness pumps itself luxuriously
through every bloodstream,
circling an oasis named
the heart.

The heart is the abode;
it has no boundary of flesh,
thought, feeling.

This bloodstream originates
in the same source as
anxious animals,
lovers, sense of

The energy required to resist
and oppose is the same that
powers the contraption of clinging.
I left that rusting machine at the base of
Cold Mountain , near the riverbank with
my uniform of reason, and now I float,
naked on the currents, dazzled by
the glinting streambed stones
passing swiftly beneath me.

From "The 300 Missing Poems of Han Shan"
By By Mazie and Robert O' Hearn
Found at:

    Quote Of The Moment!

"Since everything is but an apparition,
perfect in being what it is,
having nothing to do with good or bad,
acceptance or rejections,
one may well burst out in laughter."

- Long Chen Pa -
Painting by Romeo Downer: Let's Laugh and Dance.
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