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ATTD News Letter number 16
Saturday, October 11, 2003

Q & A
    Question: Is this awakened 'state' the ultimate reality? The final pinnacle of evolution? How can this be known to be certain, that there is nothing more than this.
    How can certainty be there that this is it?
    Answer: Evolution is from the relative level of existence. IT/the Ultimate is not the pinnacle of evolution, but it is THAT from and in which apparent evolution arises. Within the frame work of the dream of existence, where the illusions of time and space apply, evolution could go in all directions.
    Perhaps the ability for telepathy could evolve, or we could discover faster then light travel, or how to do teleportation and find the secret to being physically young for 10000 years. 'Beam me up Scotty!'
    You write: "How can certainty be there that this is it?" THIS is its own certainty. It cannot be known by someone but is the very knowing itself. Evolution does not apply to the infinite. All apparent evolution appears in time/space and is a play in and on the silent background from which it all bubbles up. Whatever comes up does not affect IT, like the movie screen remains unaffected whether a Star Trek movie or 'Gladiator' appears on it.
    Like space itself, IT remains forever unaffected by whatever appears in it and like space it will still be there when appearances dissolve back into it. If even the metaphor space remains itself indescribable, how much more so does this apply to THAT for which the space metaphor is used? And, just like it is with space, the dualistic concepts of certain/uncertain, knowing/not knowing do not apply. IT is not something complicated, but nevertheless IT is incomprehenceable. IT is all pervasive, timeless, ever present and pure.
    All these descriptions are mere pointers as IT cannot be made into a concept. IT is closer than close, the centre from which all emanates, including the sense of being an individual with questions. IT is what you are, THAT what appears AS you, not something you can get. Like an arrow, able to point in all directions but not to itself. This is IT, you are THAT.
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From the book 'Awakening to the Dream.'
    Someone who sees his limited role or ego as reality is like a hypnotized actor playing a villain and becoming so absorbed in his play that he has forgotten who he really is. When he is released from the hypnotic illusion, he sees that the villain never existed.
    It would be incorrect to say that the villain has realized that he is, in fact, the actor. It is the actor who sees that he is not, nor ever was, the villain. Nothing will prevent him from continuing in his role, but he will no longer think of himself as the villain.
    Telling a seeker that he is the Universal Actor (or IT) may lead him to draw the conclusion that he -John Doe- is IT. IT does appear as John Doe, but John Doe is not IT in the same way that the wave is an "act" of the ocean, but the ocean not an "act" of the wave.
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"The Wave" by David James British painter 19th/20th c.


Clarity talks with Nathan Gill
    In the play of life the desire to come to rest in your true nature takes the form of seeking for awakening or enlightenment. The paradox is that your true nature is always at every moment completely available, but is obscured by seeking for it. In turn, the agitation felt by seeking serves as a goad to further seeking.
    When the nature of this seeking process is understood and then undermined by living in the acceptance of every moment of life just as it is, then seeking and agitation soon naturally fall away. Your true nature is then revealed to be non other then this awake space or awareness in which everything appears.
    All the various images of life don't suddenly disappear but continue to arise, including the sense of being located as this character that you previously mistook yourself to exclusively be. The result of this new perspective is both radical and very ordinary - nothing changes and everything changes!
    Life goes on, but the perspective that everything is arising as a play in awareness, rather then taking yourself to be merely a character that has awareness, allows the enjoyment of the play as entertainment rather then a horror story that you -as a character - need to escape from.
    You have always been awake. It was simply a case of mistaken identification!

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'Painting: Child's Play' By Jim Warren.
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Awakened Poetry

Wings of Love by S. Pearson

    Every word of every tongue is
    Love telling a story to her own ears.
    Every thought in every mind,
    She whispers a secret to her own Self.
    Every vision in every eye,
    She shows her beauty to her own sight.
    Every smile on every face,
    She reveals her own joy for herself to enjoy.

    Love courses through everything,
    No, Love is everything.
    How can you say, there is no love,
    when nothing but Love exists?
    All that you see has appeared because of Love.
    All shines from Love,
    All pulses with Love,
    All flows from Love--
    No, once again, all IS Love!

    Fakhruddin 'Araqi

Quote of the moment!
This sounds like an extraordinary statement to make, but in fact all truth is very ordinary.
It is peoples' fantasies of what is true that is so extraordinary.
That we were born and that we face eternal extinction after death is an extraordinary fantasy.
Brian Perkins

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