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ATTD News Letter number 9
Saturday, July 05, 2003

It has been a busy week. Finally the book materialized, ready to be offered via the internet. A professional credit card processing company managed to turn this in to a fiasco by refusing valid cards and by canceling successfully completed transactions. It was a great exercise in being detached from the fruits of labor :-) With the help of an other company everything has been fixed and the process of ordering the book works fine now.
The paperback is available at:
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Q & A
If or when you have a question you'd like to see answered in this newsletter mail to: Question: In near death experiences it is said that the soul sometimes leaves the body and sees the situation from above, noticing things that could never be seen from the body's perspective. If there is no separate self as advaita teaches, how can there be a separate soul? In short, how does the concept of soul fit into a non-dual perspective? Who is it that sees from the ceiling in a NDE? How does seeing take place without a body?
Answer: The seeing you refer to does not automatically imply a separate soul. THAT which appears as everything can also appear as the seeing in a NDE. The next step that is often reported in NDE's is that there seems to be a perceived threshold, which the person having the experience, considers as a point of no return. From the perspective of Advaita, going beyond that threshold is simply the final step, after which the illusion of one's separate individuality merges back into the oceanic Self.
I answer this question because I do not want to give you the idea that I am avoiding a difficult topic, but I also would like to remind you that the mind is very clever and able to produce endless questions. The ultimate answer is not in the mind, the mind lives in (and by the grace of) the ultimate answer.
There is no way that thinking can take you beyond thinking. From this the mind may conclude that this is very difficult or just mumbo jumbo, used to avoid though questions.
As always I point back to THAT which is aware of the mind. It is prior to thought and beyond simple and complex. It is THAT which expresses via the mind as the thought 'I Am.' But YOU ARE before that thought can arise. Stay with that and questions distracting you from the true essence will dissolve. The picture is from a painting by Alex Grey. Visit him at

Clarity talks with Nathan Gill For the seeker, life just as it is right now, never seems to be enough. This whole story of 'something more/never enough' is the theme of the life of the 'me' we believe ourselves to be.
Understanding of our true nature as ever present awareness breaks the spell of identification as a separate, seeking entity. Freedom lies in the moment to moment living of our true nature. Here understanding moves from being just an other intellectual act of the separate entity and our true nature becomes constantly felt and intuited.
This freedom cannot be attained because it is what we already are. It is merely being covered over by the play of identification, where the re discovery of our true nature is played out as a story of seeking over time. Everything is already the devine and the seeking game is the cosmic entertainment, where you come to rest as this that you have always been.


From the book 'Awakening to the Dream.' All the seeking, all the spiritual practices, and all the effort to understand veils the plain and simple truth of this, as it is. Whatever thought arises, whatever feeling comes up, be it labeled good or bad, there is something still and quietly aware of all that's going on. It simply is, without the slightest effort. Snap your fingers. Did you hear the sound? How much effort did that take? None! Now, at this very moment, Pure Awareness is the silent background to you reading these words. You don't have to do a thing for it to be there. It is always present, even though it is too close to get at, like the eye is too close to see itself. 'The power of silence.' A painting from Hal Empie. Arizona Territory 1909.

Awakened Poetry

If the falling of a hoof
Ever rings the temple bells,

If a lonely man's final scream
Before he hangs himself

And the nightingale's perfect lyric
Of happiness
All become an equal cause to dance,

Then the Sun has at last parted
Its curtain before you -

God has stopped playing child's games
With your mind
And dragged you backstage by
The hair,

Shown to you the only possible

For this bizarre and spectacular

Go running through the streets
Creating divine chaos,

Make everyone and yourself ecstatically mad
For the Friends beautiful open arms.

Go running through this world
Giving love, giving love,

If the falling of a hoof upon this earth
Ever rings the

"The Gift" - versions of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky
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Smile of the moment!



Quote of the moment!
This world is nothing but a dance of shadows,
A line drawn between darkness and light, ...
Learn to read this subtle line
for it tells all the secrets of creation. Fakhruddin Araqi (S. Shiva & J. Star, translators)


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