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ATTD News Letter number 8
Sunday, June 22, 2003

Q & A
If or when you have a question you'd like to see answered in this newsletter mail to: Question: I am frustrated with not being able even to have a split second experience of the self. My mind is always complaining about this and that.
When it is hot it complains about the heat and when the body does not feel too well it complains. So this complaining goes on all the time. I don't blame the body and mind for complaining because there is no escape from the tyranny of life. It doesn't mean I am not happy. I am often happy when everything is going my way, according to plan but otherwise I have a flood of angry thoughts. The mind is the way it is it can't stop. I think you know what I mean. Is there any way out of this dream which seems very real while it lasts.
Answer: Your frustration is understandable, because you're looking in the wrong direction. The Self is not an experience, it is the experiencing. Like sight can see but never be seen, the experiencing can experience, but not be experienced. You are that experiencing.
This understanding already comes through in your mail. Who is it that sees the mind jump around? Since it sees the mind's activity it must be beyond the mind. There is no escape from the tyranny of life because there is no 'you' that is bound by it.
Look inside to where there supposedly is an 'I.' Can you find it, or is it just more thought? And what is thought? Isn't it just mind again? There is no you to be happy or upset. There are just emotions arising and the mind labels them as positive or negative. This labeling seems to be done by an 'I' but truly it is nothing but mind also.
Relax into the seeing. Realize that all what arises is the seen. It comes, it lingers for a while and it's gone, but the seeing (the Self) remains.
The angry thoughts have no power. The only power they seem to have comes from beyond them and from the mistaken believe that they are YOUR thoughts. Watch the thinking (you are the watcher) see how thoughts come up by themselves and only after they have arisen, comes the thought that it is YOU who had this thought. Again, this is nothing but the next, self arising , spontaneous thought.
Do not simply accept or reject this, but verify it. No one else can do it.

From the book 'What is wrong with Right Now unless you think about it?' Q: In terms of the futility of looking in the mind, what you always say is that the false cannot stand up to investigation. So how do we start to investigate?
Bob: Come back to the only reality that you are absolutely certain of - the fact of your own being. Everything else is a concept. But you cannot negate your being-ness. Stay with that being-ness or the thought 'I am', which is the nearest thing you can get to the being-ness with the mind. That is the 'primary thought'. Stay with that!
Q: When I see that the mind is never satisfied and relentlessly tries to capture the knowledge of the present and wants to store it away and go on - to search for something else, imagining that it now has it, I see that it is completely useless. All I need to be, is this immediacy.
Bob: Well you can't be anything else! (pause)
But we don't realize it - you see it is Omnipresence. So it can't be anything else than That. Look at those memories from childhood. How do you know those moments? Did you have the same body as you do now? Did you have the same image that you have about yourself now? No! You know it because it is that innate intelligence and that hasn't changed. That is the definition of reality - 'That which never changes'. The body has changed and the image of yourself has changed and the reference point or self centre has changed - but that hasn't. The whole manifestation is constantly changing. Everything is That - appearing as different.
Now, it is the same with awareness, everything appears and disappears in that.
The pain is really awareness.
It can't be anything other than that.
Come back to the only reality that you are absolutely certain of - the fact of your own being. Everything else is a concept.


From the book 'Awakening to the Dream.' You are whole as you are. The (re)activation of this understanding simply depends on whether or not it is the appropriate moment for you to "level" with yourself. In the east, it is said that at such a moment of ripening the Guru will appear. This does not necessarily mean that one fine morning the doorbell will ring and a sage will be standing there saying, " Good morning, dear seeker of the truth. It has been brought to my attention that you have reached the point where you're ready to receive THE ANSWER, and I am here to deliver it." What it does mean is that the invitation to see who you really are is always right here. What in eastern traditions is called the guru is that which extends the invitation. The guru (G-U-R-U) can appear as a person, but is not a person. Rather, the guru is a manifestation of the animating energy that appears in and as everything. It is life itself.

Awakened Poetry

"I am that I am."
I have, at last, reached MY goal,
And solved the secret of MY soul.
I am THAT, to whom I prayed,
THAT, to whom I looked for aid.
I am THAT, whom I did seek.
I am MY own mountain peak.

I, upon creation look,
As a page from MY own book.
For I am the ONE, the many make,
Of substance, which from ME I take.
For ALL is ME, there are not two,
Creation is MYSELF, all through.

What I grant, unto MYSELF,
I just take, from MYSELF.
And give it to ME, the only ONE,
For I am the Father, and the Son.

What I want, I do but see,
MY wishes flowing forth from ME.
For I am the knower, and the known,
Subject, ruler, and the throne.
The three in ONE, is what I am,
And hell itself is but a dam,
That I did put in MY own stream,
When in a nightmare, I did dream.

That I did dream;
That I was not the only ONE,
And thus by ME, was doubt begun,
Which ran its course, 'til I awoke,
And found that I, with ME, did joke.
So now, that I do stand awake,
MY throne, I do surely take,
And rule MY kingdom, which is ME,
The master, through eternity."

Translation from an ancient Egyptian text carved into a doorway, a sacred place.


The angels fly because they take themselves lightly
(G. K. Chesterton)

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Quote of the moment!
Seen on the road
is like endless billboards
in the desert
announcing a desert
up ahead
without billboards
Jerry Katz from the Nonduality Salon


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