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From the book Awakening to the Dream:
About Your True Essence
We could call it the One Substance, the "cosmic clay" morphing into myriads of forms, such as mountains, stars, and clouds, as well as your body/mind/heart organism with its thoughts, feelings, emotions, and its sense of volition and individuality. This One Substance constitutes the essential nature of all that is. The shape it takes is inseparable from the substance itself; but the illusion may be so strong that we do not see through it. It can be like several beautiful statues making you forget the clay they were shaped from. The clay is the "one soul" or common essence of the statues. When it is clear that you are this One Substance, not just one of the temporal shapes it assumes, the belief in a personal "me" with an individual soul drops away.

The world is unreal... but what about war? In Advaita the world of appearances is often labeled as 'the unreal.' Looking from the outside in, this may seem a prescription for indifference towards our planet and it's inhabitants. In a time of global crisis, politically as well as environmentally, calling the world illusory may look like a copout or a sure way to make matters even worst. However, holding that this world is naught but a figment of my imagination does not prevent water from being wet and fire from burning hot. The actual illusion is not what appears, but the idea that this appearance is a collection of separate objects existing apart from and appearing to an individual entity. Truly, there is no world of distinct objects on the one hand and an individual on the other hand. There is only the One Self appearing as THIS. The way the Self appears may be expressed through war and apparent indifference, but it might as well appear as compassion, contribution and cooperation. The apparent good and bad always even out. The hight of the mountain is the depth of the valley.      Personally I do not go out looking to do good deeds, but whatever comes naturally is dealt with. When I pass a street artist or encounter a homeless person asking me for some money, I give some if I can. There is no 'I' helping 'them.' There is just presence appearing as street art, homelesness and passerby. When seeing the pain and destruction of war there is a natural response of sadness, anger or aversion, but it is not seen as mine. It just comes up by itself, it may linger for a while and then it disappears again. The dreamlike fluidity of the world is recognized and sometimes it all may seem more like a nightmare then a dream. But remember, if the game of life is about anything, it is about recognizing who or what you truly are. In the end a beautiful dream may keep you dreaming, whereas a nightmare may wake you up real quick.

Awakened Poetry
Self inside self, You are nothing but me.
Self inside self, I am only You.

What we are together
will never die.

The why and how of this?
What does it matter? From: Lalla. Naked Song. Translated by Coleman Barks.
Maypop books ISBN 0-9618916-4-5


The angels fly because they take themselves lightly
(G.K. Chesterton)

From the internet:
The world is going crazy when
the best rapper is a white guy,
the best golfer is a black guy,
the Swiss hold the America's Cup,
France is accusing the US of arrogance,
and Germany doesn't want to go to war!

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