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From the book Awakening to the Dream: Come Join the Dance
The purposeless essence of dancing has made it an often-used metaphor for life or the way it is lived, as here in a poem by Rumi.
     Dance, when you're broken open.
     Dance, if you've torn the bandage off.
     Dance in the middle of the fighting.
     Dance in your blood.
     Dance, when you're perfectly free.  *
It is, of course, a sad situation when we find ourselves dancing just to reach the end of the dance. In its purest form, dancing is movement for its own sake and does not have a destination. It has no other reason for being other than its expression in the present moment. The Divine, appearing as the dance of life, is known in India as Leela. Leela is the Self at play through the dynamic rhythm that finds expression in the act of creation. It expresses as this multi-faceted manifestation, from the stately rotating galaxies in outer space to the rapidly spinning particles at the subatomic level; from the Earth's trajectory around the sun to the vital activity in the cells of our bodies; from the soaring flight of the eagle to the moth flitting at the candle's flame.

This vibrant, pulsating display of energy has no purpose beyond itself, and in this very purposelessness lies its infinite delight. To the one hearing this music, it extends an open invitation to realize the ever-present flow that is going on, to simply go with it and surrender to its causeless joy. When this invitation is accepted, it becomes plain as the nose on your face that any step taken to get closer to one's true Self is one step too many. In the surrender to this "trip the light fantastic," life leads; and every step is from the Self and by the Self. Here, the borders between the dancers blur and dissolve until only the dance remains. The journey is the destination, and all is happening of its own accord. One is forever starting afresh and forever arriving at the warm intimacy of one's true home. The free person who feels this rhythm simply happens, just like the stars, the space, the sounds, and the silence.
     ...where past and future are gathered.
     Neither movement from nor towards,
     Neither ascent nor decline.
     Except for the point, the still point,
     There would be no dance,
     And there is only the dance.  * *
 *   The Essential Rumi, compiled and translated by Coleman Barks, Castle Books. ISBN 0-7858-0871-X
* *  T. S. Eliot (1888-1965)
From Chuk Hillig's new book 'Seeds for the Soul.'
As long as you're dreaming that you're awake, there'll be no end to your fears or your desires.
They will only end when you become fully awakened to your own dreaming.
Suffering finds its roots in your desire to be free from something that's present?even if it's only a desire to be free from dreaming the Dream.
But no desire is really spiritual ?including the so-called spiritual desire to have no spiritual desires.
And yet, paradoxically, it's all absolutely spiritual.
Yes! All of it.
Every fear. Every desire.
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