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Awakening to the Dream: A Facebook group hosting discussions on the subject of non-duality
Dedicated to the non-dual writings of Leo Hartong, and/or any other authors, teachings, or discussions on the subject of non-duality or spirituality. In other words, anything having to do with "this as it is!"

Tony Parsons. Welcome to The Open Secret
There is only Source appearing! All that manifests is always and only the appearance of Source ... the apparent universe, the world, the life story, the body mind, feelings, the sense of separation, the search for enlightenment, is all the one appearing as two, the no thing appearing as everything. The drama of the search is totally without meaning or purpose. It is a dream awakening.

Non-Duality Press
Publishes books on the contemporary and living expression of Advaita by mostly western authors and communicators. Direct, clear and free from the arcane language of the past, we feel these books represent a contribution to the understanding of Liberation. We hope that these books are a useful resource for those that are familiar with the subject and an inspiration for those in the process of discovery.

Joan Tollifson
She has an affinity with Taoism, Zen, and Advaita, but belongs to no tradition. She emphasizes awareness, direct experience, and the recognition that this is it!

Sailor Bob Adamson
"I am not speaking to any 'body' - I am not speaking to any 'mind' I am speaking to THAT I AM that I AM, to that PRESENCE AWARENESS that expresses through the mind as the thought I AM - just THIS and NOTHING else"

Alan Watts
Information and discussion on the late philosopher Alan Watts.

William Samuel & Friends
Through the voice and heart of William Samuel comes a warm and unique way of sharing what is always and already fully present...

Nisargadatta : I Am That
A new quote on every page re-load.

Nonduality Salon
Nonduality - Nondualism - Advaita Search Engine. A huge site created to consider nonduality in all contexts and varieties of expression.

From the Unreal to the Real
Dennis Waite gives you well informed insights in Advaita Vedanta, plus details about his excellent book on Advaita.

A generously free periodical about Jnana Yoga, Advaita Vedanta and other Non-dualistic approaches.

Ramana Maharshi
A good collection of links to Ramana Maharshi Websites

Pure Silence
There is only this: Pure Silence!

Living Satsang
A Dutch/English site where you can find Satsang news, articles, books, poetry, agenda, - communities etc. And much, much more.

Not Knowing.
Seeking is such a dramatic game that Life plays with itself. Seeking to fill that empty hole in 'my life' which seems so painful. Seeking for some kind of permanent security or satisfaction. Hoping that 'one day I will find what I'm looking for'. .

Beyond Description.
Your true freedom is beyond belief... And beyond description.

Noticing What You Already Know.
There is only This. If you think you're enlightened, throw it away and begin again.

I Hope You Die Soon.
The most common misconception about liberation is that it is something an individual can gain. But liberation is a loss - the loss of the sense that there ever was a separate individual who could choose to do something to bring about liberation.

Douglas E. Harding's Headless Way.
The world’s great mystics say that you are God in disguise, the One Indivisible Spirit within the heart of every being. Your innermost nature is Silence, Stillness, Buddha-Nature, the Self, the Ground of Being... This is an extraordinary claim. Outwardly you are a person, inwardly you are the Source of the world...

Annette Nibley's site: "What Never Changes."
When it is seen once that no “I” actually exists – that no person actually exists – what happens to all the questions?

Wide Awake Living
This is beyond religion, beyond being a Christian or a Buddhist or something else.

Jeff Foster's "Life without a centre
This is not a “state” that some people have attained. It’s not something that “Jeff” or anyone else has found. This is just a description of the utterly obvious, so obvious that a newborn baby could see it: there is no separate self. Life has no centre, and never did.

Nothing Exists, Despite Appearances
A wonderful blog about nothing by No One In Particular.

Radiance of Being: A Blog on Nonduality
There is nothing personal about self-realization. It is simply a seeing that you are the seeing itself.

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Kenneth Madden Photography
Kenneth has a keen eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary and the technical skill to share this with us through his photography.

Tibetan shoulder bags
Sharron, a friend of mine, sells beautiful Tibetan shoulder bags.

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