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Perhaps you recognize some of the people on this page.
They were kind enough to take the time to read and endorse "Awakening to the Dream." I'm grateful for their support and their permission to use their words.

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Swamy's Book Reviews

Reviews of Books on various topics.
'Awakening to the Dream' by Leo Hartong is a good introduction to and exposition of non-dualism, Advaita (not two). It explores the oft-rising questions like 'Who am I?', "What is Liberation?' etc., from the monistic (There is only One) point of view. It gives convincing arguments to reject the concepts of dualism (looking at the world from the point of view of two, (I or mine and You or Not-Mine) or pluralism (I, You and They/Others - a modified form of dualism). The book demystifies the psychic/mystic experiences which are often confused with enlightenment. The book is extremely readable and after first reading, one can come back to it off and on to find answers, to clear the mental cobwebs. The author, Leo Hartong writes from personal experience and conviction. He doesn't expect you to accept his point of view. He shows you his perception and it is for you to decide whether those concepts vibe with you or not. Leo is certainly not the first western author to write on non-dualism, which by the way is not a Hindu monopoly. I was pleasantly surprised that more or less similar concepts are found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, Tao etc. Of course, since Buddhism was an off-shoot of Hinduism, that part was not new. But Zen, Tao and many other religions, also share this vision of Unity in Diversity. The author has nicely brought out the common thread in apparently diverse religions across the world. Spirituality seems to be much more unified than apparent. It is the ritualistic diversity which is probably causing the apparent differences. The author has rightly listed some of the other leading exponents of non-dualism who have inspired him. So, if the reader is a total novice to the subject, he/she will have not only Leo's point of view but will have the advantage of getting some more leads to read further. And if the reader has already a good grounding in the subject by reading classics of Sri Adi Sankara, Bhagavad Gita, Avadhuta Gita, Ashtavakra Gita etc., or modern non-dualists like Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramesh Balsekar and others, the reader will find much to confirm the concepts by different analogies. More links are available at the author's website, It is seen that a Dutch Language Edition of the same book is also available. All in all, a very good and highly readable book. I recommend it strongly to serious readers who would like to answer the question, "Who am I?"
- Swamy
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Joan Tollifson

Author of the book "Bare Bones Meditation." She holds talks in Chicago.
"This is a wonderfully clear book pointing you to the direct and immediate realization that you are already Home (and always have been). Amongst spiritual books, it's a rare one in ten million that goes all the way. This one does. Leo goes straight to the heart of the matter. I recommend it highly."

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Nathan Gill

Author of the exceptionally clear booklet "Clarity" holds talks on Non-Duality/Clarity in the UK.
In this modern exposition of Advaita Leo displays his unique talent for bringing clarity and humor to a subject often shrouded in confusion. Right now you are already completely present and free, but in the play of life attention becomes distracted from simple presence into identification with the role of seeker. In "Awakening To The Dream," through his incisive guidance, Leo collapses vagrant attention into its source, bringing you to rest in your nature as this which already is, prior to the movement into seeking. "Awakening To The Dream" is a consistently clear communication of what is usually completely overlooked because of its simplicity.

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Isaac Shapiro

Author of "Outbreak of Peace" and "It Happens by Itself" He holds talks worldwide.
Leo's personal account of awakening to what is, has the sweet smell of Truth...enjoy.

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Sailor Bob Adamson

Bob's search ended in the presence of Nisargadatta. Read his wonderfull book "What's wrong with Right Now unless you think about it?"
Great joy in the resonance and recognition Beautiful.!!! In the seeming unfolding play, the great sages, seers and saviours from antiquity to the present are rejoicing that the understanding is still expressing through so called individual entities. They are welcoming another one home and are emitting the encouragement that will keep the lineage alive and flourishing. The book will be of great assistance to the seeming many.

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Chuck Hillig

His fun and insightful books, columns and presentations have enlightened and inspired people for over 30 years.
"Awakening to the Dream" is an extraordinarily clear and thoughtful presentation of subject matter that is often experienced as both confusing and paradoxical. I was happy that you didn't hesitate to address the harder philosophical questions (e.g. free will), and that you were able to encourage the Readers to look at such profound questions from a fresh perspective. I really enjoyed your use of appropriate quotes, clever analogies/metaphors and the clarity and ease with which you were able to express the inexpressible.

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Jerry Katz

Owner and initiator of the Nonduality Salon.
Leo Hartong connects the reader to the terrain of Nonduality in a manner that is gracious, enjoyable and satisfying. The topics of enlightenment, ego, intellect, the witness, I Am, awareness, meditation, awakening, teacher/seeker, death, are integrated effortlessly. Awakening to the Dream is both an excellent introduction to Nonduality, and an encounter with an awakened one. The writing style is memorable. This is a valuable work which could become a classic in the field. Here are a few passages:
"These words are nothing but a gentle reminder from yourself to yourself that you are the awakened one."
"This whole universe is the dream of the Self. Our identity is one continuum with the deep Self, and when we use words like unconditional love, bliss, and acceptance, we are reaching for our own hands."
"Once your true identity is uncovered, you'll see that birth, existence, and death do not happen to you, but in you."
"Enlightenment appears as a goal that one can reach only as long as there is the illusion of a separate entity or ego. In Zen, it has been called the gateless gate. When one stands before it, the gate seems to be there. When one passes through and looks back, it's clear there never was a gate nor anyone to go through it."
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Jan Kersschot

Author of "Nobody Home.
Leo is one of those authors who speaks from clarity about enlightenment, and who knows that the search for enlightenment or spiritual freedom is of no use to the ego, since "It" is about freedom from the ego, not freedom for the ego. As a result, it is obvious that the so-called final understanding is not the result of seeking, but brings the very seeking to an end. In other words: there is freedom from seeking because it is seen that there is no seeker in the first place. It is not about fulfilling our spiritual expectations, but rather about being free of them.

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Brian Alman, Ph.D.

Author of The Six Steps to Freedom, Self-Hypnosis and Thin Meditations.
Awakening to the dream is an excellent book! I started reading it and couldn't stop. Thank you for all the deep thoughts, real feelings, belly laughs, life lessons, and 100% inspiration. I will recommend your book to everyone I know who is interested in seeing life with different eyes.